From Move More to Jumbo Steps - Promoting Wellness at Tufts

Join the Jumbo Steps Challenge - a 6-week step challenge - offered by the Tufts University Wellness Center, with Tufts Human Resources sponsorship.

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Tufts Mobile Wallet Card

Did you know your Tufts University benefit contacts are now mobile?

Use the Mobile Wallet Card to access your Tufts University benefit contacts in one place, from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Bookmark this website in your web browser, or add it to the home screen on your smartphone or tablet for quick reference.




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Ever Wonder: How Do Parrots Talk?

With their physical ability to make complex sounds, parrots can imitate a range of things such as microwaves cooking, but often focus on human speech

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HR Content Added to AccessTufts

For a number of months, the AccessTufts service team has been working closely with Tufts Human Resources department to transform their HR website and transition a majority of the HR content into Ac