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AccessTufts: Brightening Your Home for the Holidays

Posted: December 20, 2019
Happy holidays from AccessTufts

Happy Holidays from AccessTufts!

Back in February 2019, we launched AccessTufts 2.0 which showcased a remodeled "Administrative" home with an expanded portal including finance and technology services content, a new look and feel, improved search, and a home page with more pertinent content right at your fingertips. See more in AccessTufts 2.0: Your "Administrative" Home Remodeled.

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to share what we've done to brighten your "administrative" home for the holidays as well as some of the things we are exploring for 2020.

As you have been using AccessTufts, you may have noticed some of these enhancements while others are behind the scenes that will help to enhance the foundation of your 'administrative" home.

Key enhancements from 2019:

  • Events: The events section of AccessTufts was updated to make it easy for you to see the location of each highlighted event and go directly from the link on the home page to the specific description and details for these events.
  • Restricted Content: With the addition of finance content, it was noted the importance of being able to put some content behind a login. So while navigating through AccessTufts, you may find yourself needing to log in with your Tufts credentials for more than just your Dashboard!
  • Alert Banner: Collaborating with the Tufts Emergency Alerts team, we were able to build in a NEW bright YELLOW alert banner for the top of AccessTufts which will be added/updated automatically during any time of Tufts Alert (i.e. snow closing).
  • Content Editor Tools: For our content editors in AccessTufts, we've enabled the ability to create content and save in DRAFT format to enable review before publishing to the community. We've also added an accordian element so that you can design pages with a fair amount of needed information in a clear concise layout.
  • Accessibility Content: We brought in all the Accessibility content to streamline it and make it accessible (no pun intended) to the community.
  • Open Enrollment: In collaboration with Tufts Human Resources, we were able to redesign and refine the Open Enrollment process and content showcasing your benefit options and some new resources.
  • Exterminating Bugs: Much like using an exterminator to maintain and keep your home free from bugs and pests, we too have a team making sure to keep and fix bugs in AccessTufts to keep it up to date and running smoothly.

And finally, we've heard your wishes throughout the year and want to thank you for all the feedback that has enabled us to find, fix, and add things to keep AccessTufts clean and sparkling bright! Please continue to send your thoughts and feedback to the AccessTufts team!

The Future - What's in Store for 2020

As we look to 2020, our new year intentions are to continually grow and improve AccessTufts as your "administrative" home! Some things we are looking at implementing include:

  • Favorites: Adding the ability to make pages as your Favorites enabling you to easily find and return to the content you use most frequently.
  • Filters: The current dashboard shows a list of all tickets/service requests that you have made. Much of the feedback we've received as we look to enhance the dashboard, has been to add in filtering capabilities to limit scrolling and making things easier to find.
  • Enhanced Search: Search is one of the most critical functions in any web presence. We continue to research how to improve search to bring about the results you expect to see for the things you are looking for.
  • Digitized Forms: We are testing the ability to enhance processes and save time for staff by digitizing pdfs to produce online forms. We will be testing this with one or two forms to start (i.e. Accident Injury Report Form) to see what it takes to digitize and how/if this improves the experience for the community. Then to get some data to make decisions for the future of online forms in AccessTufts.
  • Departments Page: Based on customer feedback, how can we make this page more robust to meet community needs.

As you can see there is a lot to look forward to in 2020! A new year, with a continued focus on making your AccessTufts "administrative" home a little brighter!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!