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Did you know Tufts wants to know what's going on at Tufts on 11/15?

November 15, 2018

There’s a lot happening at Tufts every day. In the past, we’ve only been able to capture small slices of it here and there.
On November 15, we want to capture ALL of it.
We’re encouraging all members of the Tufts community to share glimpses of their day—from the mundane moments to the magical—through the #TuftsDayInTheLife hashtag.
We’re looking for all types of content (videos, photos, audio, text) on all the major social media channels.
Selected items will be shared through the Tufts website, social channels, and other platforms.
To truly make this work, we need lots of people involved—students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
We hope you’ll join us.

Follow the day at: https://www.tufts.edu/tuftsdayinthelife

Did you know that determining if you have enough Life insurance coverage is fast and easy with Prudential's Life Needs Calculator?

September 26, 2018

Tufts University contracts with Prudential Insurance Company of America to provide Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) to benefits-eligible employees.

You know you need protection, but how much Life insurance is enough?

Explore the Life Insurance Needs Estimator. Find out how much Life Insurance you need to help ensure the financial wellness of those who matter most to you.

See the flyer for more information.


Did you know that Tufts offers discounted commuter benefits?

August 17, 2018

Did you know that as a Tufts University employee you may be eligible to receive a transit subsidy if you use public transportation to get to work?

If you are a benefits-eligible employee, work on any Tufts campus, and enroll in the commuter benefit, you are eligible to receive a transit subsidy as an incentive to use public transportation.

The Medford and Grafton Transit subsidy is 35%, up to a maximum of $40 per employee per month.

The Boston and Fenway Transit subsidy is 35%, up to a maximum of $50 per employee per month.

You must enroll on the EBPA website by the 4th of the month for commuter benefits for the following month. For example, you must enroll by September 4th for benefits to begin October 1st.

See Commuter Benefits 2018 for complete details.

Did you know Tufts parking permits for FY2019 are on sale NOW?

August 9, 2018

2018 - 2019 parking permits are now available for sale for the Medford/Somerville, Grafton and SMFA campuses.


  • Must purchase a permit online in the Tufts Parking Portal
  • Select “Campus Address” as your delivery method
  • Payment Methods: Payroll deduction or credit/debit card
  • Pending citations must be paid prior to purchasing a parking decal


  • Must purchase a permit online in the Tufts Parking Portal
  • Payment Methods: credit/debit card
  • Pick up decal at 419 Boston Ave Medford MA 02155 (Dowling Hall, 1st Floor) (M-F 9am-5pm)
  • Pending citations must be paid prior to purchasing a parking decal

RATES (Medford/Somerville)


Did you know Bright Horizons provides priority access to childcare to Tufts employees?

July 24, 2018

Bright Horizons provides priority access to Tufts faculty, staff and students for infant and toddler care and for preschool and kindergarten at select centers in Somerville and Cambridge. The centers currently have openings, and Bright Horizons at Teele Square in the Tufts Administration Building (169 Holland Street, Somerville) is holding an Open House the week of July 30. Call 877-624-4532 for enrollment information and mention that you are a Tufts family for priority access.


  • Bright Horizons at Davis Square | 99A Dover St., Somerville, MA 02144 | 617-625-1300
  • Bright Horizons at Mass. Ave. | 2465 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140 | 617-349-3635
  • Bright Horizons at University Park | 129 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617-621-9553
  • Bright Horizons at One Kendall | One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617-577-9532
  • Bright Horizons at Teele Square | 165 Holland St., Somerville, MA 02144 | 617-977-5000

Learn more about finding childcare.

Did you know Tufts Wellness Center Offers FREE Allergy Services?

May 3, 2018

Allergy season is approaching and for many already upon us!

The Tufts University Wellness Center is here to help reduce your symptoms whether minor or more severe. Services are available at no cost to Tufts university employees, spouses, and domestic partners. Call 617-627-0467 to make an appointment!