A/V Pricing

TTS A/V provides a number of A/V and conferencing services for the Tufts community. To book one any of the services listed below, please contact us at 617-627-3376 or it@tufts.edu.

A/V and Conferencing Services

Prices per hour will not exceed daily rate


Hourly Rate Daily Rate
Small PA System: 2 speakers, powered mixer, up to 2 wired mics (less then 50 people) $30 $120
Medium PA System: 4 speakers, mixer, amp, up to 4 wired mics (50 - 100 people) $45 $180

Larger PA

Per spec Per spec
Subwoofer System
A loudspeaker component designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies. Frequently used for music and critical listening.
$20 $80
Monitor system with 2 speakers and amp (PA additional)
Stage monitor systems are speakers on stage pointing towards the performers to help them hear themselves.
$15 $60
Microphones $6.25 $25
Wireless microphones (handheld or lapel) $17.50 $70
Mixer separate from PA $12.50 $50
CD player $5 $20

Presentation Equipment

Hourly Rate Daily Rate
High definition data projector for video or computer $27.50 $110
Tripod projection screen $7.50 $30
Flat panel TV (with portable stand) $27.50 $110
Laptop computer $25 $50
Blu-ray, DVD, VCR, or combination player $5 $20
Digital document camera $25 $50
Presenter Remote (includes laser pointer) $2.50 $10

Video & Audio Conferencing

Hourly Rate Daily Rate
Audio conference phone (Boston only) $10 $40
Mobile video conference cart $15 $60
Web Camera $10 $40

Cohen Auditorium

Cohen costs, including theatrical lighting, data projector, room fees, and house managers, can be directed to Mark Sullivan, Cohen House Manager, (617) 627-5531

Labor per Hour

Regular Business Hours M - F (8 AM - 5 PM)
There is a minimum 2 hour charge for setup and breakdown
Staff overtime outside of regular business hours (after 5 PM & on weekends) $45/hour  
Meeting setup/pickup (room has equipment installed) $40 flat fee  

Video Production and Streaming Services

Video Recording


Video recording - business hours First hour: $225
Each additional hour: $125 per hour
Video recording - nights/weekends Up to 2 hours: $450
Each additional hour: $175 per hour
Surgery recording $250 per hour



Streaming - business hours Up to 2 hours: $600
Each additional hour: $150/hour
Streaming - nights/weekends Up to 2 hours: $800
Each additional hour: $200/hour
Cover it live - with laptop Additional $70 per hour

Audio Recording

Unattended $50/hour
Attended $70/hour


P.A. Quad Kit (JBL Eon) $200 per event
Additional mics - Dual $35 per event
Additional mics - Quad $70 per event
Conference phone $45 per event
Presentation laptop $45 per event

Production Services

Audio and video editing (based on actual time spent) $70/hour
Media digitization, encoding, or video capture (based on actual time spent) $70/hour
DVD authoring (rate is for basic menu) $70
Disc duplication $7 per disc
Classroom Tech and A/V Support
Need assistance in a classroom or event space? For emergencies, an A/V support technician will be paged for immediate assistance.