Budgeting & Financial Planning

The Office of Budget and Planning provides consulting services to help schools and administrative areas at Tufts with financial decision-making and strategy. Using a holistic approach, our team develops budgets and forecasts; supplies stakeholders with analysis, tools, and financial stewardship skills; and aims to reduce costs and staff effort related to budgeting. 

Operating Budgets

  • Draft school, department, and business unit budgets, outlining the risks and opportunities to help you make informed decisions and facilitate approval from University leadership
  • Compile the University budget for executive and board approval
  • Ensure that compensation is accurately budgeted by funding source

Capital Budgets

  • Develop and refresh 5-year capital budgets and ensure funding availability for deferred maintenance
  • Process Capital Expense Authorizations (CEAs) on behalf of schools and departments

Cost/Capital Analysis

  • Provides analytical and planning services, including financial, costing, business, and other analyses, as well as financial modeling and planning functions for new operating and capital initiatives.
  • Sets the rates of the University’s fringe benefits and Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) for sponsored research.

Quarterly Forecasts

  • Draft forecasts for departments, schools, and business units to outline short-term risk and opportunities

Budget Monitoring

  • Assist schools and units with strategic financial analysis to support program/business goals
  • Provide education and training on budgeting best practices
  • Track and analyze trends in expenses and revenues, monitor budget performance, and ensure that transactions are allocated to the correct accounts

Budget-Related Transactions

View workflows for compensation and non-compensation budget transactions.