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Business Conduct Policy

Amended date: 12/01/2018

Tufts University, like other large, complex institutions, operates by means of a decentralized organizational structure through which responsibility is delegated for a variety of business and accounting functions. This delegation is managed through the issuance of policies and procedures prescribing the manner in which business transactions are to be administered, and through the setting of specific limitations and internal control procedures.


In conjunction with the policies set forth in this Policies and Procedures, the University has designed a Business Conduct Policy to serve as a guide to appropriate business behavior. It is the responsibility of each employee to familiarize himself or herself with, and to abide by, the Business Conduct Policy including the confidentiality of personal or business information. All employees are provided with a copy of this policy at the beginning of employment. If you have any questions or need an additional copy of the policy, contact Human Resources or the Finance Division’s website.


This policy applies to all staff, temporary staff, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, independent contractors, affiliates or any other members of the Tufts community, including those hired contractually or who work under faculty or postdoctoral scholar handbooks, or who are otherwise covered by a collective bargaining agreement. 

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This Business Conduct policy is part of the HR Employee Policies and Procedures.

Disclaimer: Changes to this policy and the handbook in which it is maintained may be made at any time, at the sole discretion of the University and is not a contract.  Employment by the University is at will and either the employee or the University may end the employment relationship at any time. 

Provided by Human Resources