Chart of Accounts

Introduction to Tufts' Chart of Accounts

A Chart of Accounts is an information structure used in all financial systems to define a set of accounting categories. The Tufts Chart of Accounts in the PeopleSoft Financial system is an organizing framework or coding structure used to budget, record, and report on financial transactions and account balances. All financial transactions are coded to an Account and DeptID. The Project/Grant chartfield is used with Account and DeptID for sponsored research and capital projects.



  • Classifies Assets, Liabilities, Net Assets, Revenue, Expenses and Transfers
  • Examples:
    • Revenue:
      • 4002 "Tuition"
      • 4512 "Parking Fees"
    • Expense:
      • 5301 "Domestic Travel"
      • 5404 "Laboratory Capital Equipment"
      • 5411 "General Office Supplies"
      • 5532 "Tel. Equip. Charges"

Certain Accounts are for Budget Only, while others capture actual expenditures. For example:

Account Type Account Number Account Description
Budget Account 5300 Travel Expenses
Actual Expenditure Account 5301 Domestic Travel
Actual Expenditure Account 5302 Foreign Travel
Actual Expenditure Account 5303 Moving Expenses
Actual Expenditure Account 5304 Local (Auto, Bus, Taxi)
Actual Expenditure Account 5305 Non-employee Reimb.

Each category of Accounts reside in a particular range

Account Code/Category Value Range
Assets 1000-1999
Liabilities 2000-2999
Net Assets Balances 3000-3999
Revenue 4000-4999
Expenses 5000-5999
Allocations (IDRs) 6000-6999
Transfers 7000-7999
Indirect Cost (F&A) 8000-8999

All departments utilize the expense account codes when they are spending. Revenue accounts are utilized by many departments that have activities which generate revenues throughout the year, such as Dental and Veterinary clinics.


  • Represents a cost center within the University
  • Divided into three elements:

DeptID Example GIF

Organizational Unit Codes: A - Arts, Sciences and Engineering B - SMFA@ Tufts University C - Central D - Dental School F - Fletcher School G - Tufts Launchpad H - HNRC M - Medical School N - Nutrition School P - Operations Maintenance R - University College U - University V - Veterinary School X - Auxiliaries


  • A cost center that captures and controls Sponsored Grant activities or Capital Expenditure Authorization (CEA) Project.
  • The Project/Grant segment must be used with a linking DeptID ending in "001" (example: A130001).

Project Example:

Project Example GIF

Grant Example:

 Grant Example GIF

Chart of Accounts Reports

Complete, current lists of chart segments can be accessed via Access Tufts.