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Conducting eCommerce

Tufts e-commerce solution, which we call The Tufts Mall, provides the ability for departments to open a “store” to accept payments online for a variety of reasons in a safe and secure environment. Typical uses include registrations for conferences, courses and meetings; selling merchandise and tickets to events.

The stores are able to collect payer information, offer different pricing structures , set and control inventory, track order processing and fulfillment, process partial or full refunds, provide financial reporting and define administrative rights. A store can also be used for registrations for free events.

Departments with a business need to accept payments via the internet will need to contact Allison Zwaschka at 617-627-2145 to discuss the opening of a store. Once it is determined that the opening of a store is appropriate, the departments’ EAD or Budget Officer will need to give their approval that they are: a) aware and approve of this activity, b) approve the PeopleSoft account/DeptID where funds would be credited once the store is in operation. Treasury will then ask that you complete an application which will be used to build your store.

The Tufts Mall is the only e-commerce solution approved for general use University wide. For safety and security, as well as efficiency and economy, the use of any other e-commerce solution requires the prior approval of Treasury Operations.