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Data Tools

The last decade has produced significant breakthroughs in the accessibility and usability of data in higher education, and Tufts is no exception. Departments across our campuses have captured and analyzed information about teaching, learning, research, and the business of the University. Tufts supports institutional planning and decision-making by helping you access and understand that data.

Data Tools at Tufts

Tufts provides several applications for accessing and working with University-related data, including:

  • Tableau – Analytics and data visualization in a web-based interface. Combine data sets and variables to produce reports, graphs, maps, animated visualizations, and more. Publicly available Tableau reports include:
    • Historical enrollment and degree data
    • Diversity dashboard
    • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) 
  • Data Warehouse & Business Objects – A centralized repository that stores data and reports from major administrative systems at Tufts. Available data sets include:
    • Finance
    • SIS
    • ASE Admissions
    • Advancement
    • Research Administration
  • Qualtrics – A web-based tool for creating and conducting customized online surveys.

Data Software Available on Campus

Applications for data storage, management, and analysis are available in labs on the Tufts campuses:




Data about Tufts

Tufts provides publicly available data about the University in several formats: