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Did You Know the VPN Connection Will Be Defaulting to DUO Push

Posted: September 15, 2023
Duo Push

Effective September 26, DUO Push will be the default 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) method when accessing the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This upgrade will streamline VPN users' access by requiring only a Username and Password during login and a DUO Push will be sent to the DUO Mobile Application on your smartphone.

  • Current Login Screen requires three fields: Username, Password, and DUO passcode or Authentication Method
  • New Login Screen requires two fields: Username and Password, and defaults to a DUO push.

DUO Append Mode

Users who wish to select an alternate second factor authentication method (i.e., phone call or token), can use DUO Append Mode.

To use DUO Append Mode, in the Password field, enter your password then a comma, then the authentication method. See examples and screenshots below.

  • To authenticate via phone call: YOURPASSWORD,phone (e.g., 1852GoJumbo!,phone)
  • To authenticate via hardware token passcode: YOURPASSWORD,tokenpasscode (e.g., 1852GoJumbo@,3498542 - where the number after the comma is the token passcode)

DUO phone prompt

(NOTE: For Security purposes, the Password field content will not be displayed when you enter it.)

To learn more about accessing the VPN, see the VPN Online Guide. If you need assistance connecting to the VPN or using DUO, please contact the 24/7 TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or