Did you know that Tufts has a new service for hiring temporary employees?

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Effective January 31, 2018, Tufts offers a new way to hire temporary employees. Tufts Temps is a way to hire workers in all categories and levels using Smart Track, a single system for requesting, sourcing and managing engagements.

Get started with Tufts Temps today:

  1. Register to use Tufts Temps by completing the Expense Authorization Form.
  2. Submit the completed form to TuftsTemps@tufts.edu.
  3. Once you have set up an account through Tufts Temps, you will be granted access to the online system, Smart Track.
  4. Enter a new request in Smart Track.

More information, training and resources

  • Visit the Tufts Learning Center, click on ‘Library’ and select Tufts Temps for a list of tutorials on how to use the system. Or open the User Guide – Tufts Temps Engaging Manager for detailed instructions on the contingent worker process.
  • Contact your Human Resources Business Partner to coordinate either onsite training or training with Tufts Temps on how to place requests for temporary workers and/or approve time worked.
  • For specialized training requests, please contact the Tufts Temps Help Desk at TuftsTemps@tufts.edu.
  • For information about hiring temporary workers and/or Tufts Temps, visit Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Temporary Workers.