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Digital Spring Cleaning: Best Practices for Managing Zoom Recordings Storage

Posted: April 25, 2024
Digital spring cleaning

Spring is upon us and it's time to tackle the digital clutter that may have accumulated over time, particularly in the realm of video and audio recordings. 

In order to assist in managing the University’s Zoom recording storage, please cleanup unneeded videos and files from your Tufts Zoom account. Recently, we outlined new guidelines limiting storage of Zoom recordings to two years. As of October 1, 2024, Zoom recordings that are more than two years old will be moved automatically to the trash where they will remain for 30 days before they are permanently deleted. With these new guidelines in place, it's important for you to ensure that only necessary content remain accessible.

Use the Guide to Migrating Your Videos Off Zoom for step-by-step instructions for managing your Zoom recordings. This guide features other places where you can make videos available for the long-term. We encourage you take this opportunity to so some spring cleaning for your digital content!

Here are some best practices for managing your old recordings:

  • Review with Purpose: Begin by conducting a thorough review of all your recordings and online content. Assess the relevance, quality, and value of each recording (consider factors such as viewership metrics, content engagement, etc.)
  • Implement Your Own Retention Guidelines: Establish your own clear guidelines to determine which video and audio recordings to retain, delete, or move to storage. Classify videos based on their importance and potential future use.
  • Prioritize Deletion: Identify obsolete or redundant videos and audio recordings that no longer serve their intended purpose. This may include outdated tutorials, event videos, or meetings with expired relevance. Delete videos and audio recordings to free up storage space and declutter, minimizing confusion and improving searchability. 
  • Store or Archive for Preservation: 


For questions regarding the new zoom guidelines or storage options, contact:

  • For general assistance, contact the TTS Service Desk by emailing or call 617-627-3376.
  • Faculty needing to assistance with teaching-related recordings from Zoom to Canvas may contact,
  • For assistance migrating research-related recordings contact

Digital spring cleaning will help TTS optimize storage resources. We appreciate your help!