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Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave

Amended date: 12/01/2018

The University supports employees who are the victim or family caregiver in cases of domestic or sexual violence through its’ policy as outlined below.


Leave Use with Incidents of Domestic or Sexual Violence

An employee is eligible for up to fifteen (15) days of leave in a twelve (12) month period if either the employee or a family member is:

  • The victim of abusive behavior (such as domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, or kidnapping); or
  • Seeking medical attention, counseling, legal or other victim services directly related to the abusive behavior against the employee or family member of the employee.

 “Domestic Violence” is defined as abuse committed against an employee or the employee’s immediate family member by a:

  • Current or former spouse of the employee;
  • Person with whom the employee shares a child;
  • Person who is residing with or has resided with the employee;
  • Person who is related to the employee by blood or marriage; or,
  • Person with whom the employee has or had a dating or engagement relationship.

Eligibility for Paid Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave

Under the definition above, an employee is eligible for up to fifteen (15) days of leave in a twelve (12) month period, five (5) of which can be paid through accrued Paid Sick Leave. 

Applying for Leave

An employee requesting Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave should notify the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources at .  This information will be treated confidentially and shared on a need-to-know basis only.  Human Resources will provide guidance to the employee about the policy guidelines and pay choices.  

Retaliation and Discrimination Prohibited

It is prohibited to retaliate or discriminate against an employee for having exercised their rights under this policy.   For more information regarding the state law upon which this policy was based, please see:

Employment Leave to Address an Abusive Situation


Staff: any benefits-eligible employee who has standard hours of 17.5 hours/week or more and is not otherwise covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Postdoctoral scholars’ hiring practices are outlined in the postdoc handbook.  Faculty should refer to the by-laws of their primary school affiliation for guidance.

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This Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave Statement is part of the HR Employee Policies and Procedures that can be found at here.

Disclaimer: Changes to this policy and the handbook in which it is maintained may be made at any time, at the sole discretion of the University and is not a contract. Employment by the University is at will and either the employee or the University may end the employment relationship at any time. 

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