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Endowment Funds

Creating an Endowment Fund

An endowment fund is created when the University receives a gift agreement. The agreement indicates the intent to establish a new endowment and the fund's purpose. The documentation should have the donor's signature and include language such as "endowed, endowment, perpetuity and/or income only to be used."

Endowment DeptIDs

Endowment DeptIDs are chart values in the PeopleSoft system from which departments can spend endowment income according to donor restrictions. Endowment DeptIDs are used only for endowment income. No other deposits can be made to Endowment DeptIDs. Each department is responsible for understanding and carrying out donor purposes and adhering to donor restrictions.

Endowment Fund Income

Once an endowment is funded, deposited and invested in the University's endowment pool, a department will receive income and be able to spend according to the donor's purpose. Below is a monthly look at the income stream of a new endowment fund. Endowment Fund GIF

Principal vs. Market Value

Principal is the original cost, or book value, of an endowment fund. It represents the sum of all gifts and income added to the principal. Market value is the current or appreciated value of the principal. Only principal, not market value, can be used to meet funding minimums. Accounts in PeopleSoft are created and maintained by the General Accounting Office. If you have specific questions about an account or need information about the possible creation of a new account chartfield, please send email to