ePAF for Hiring and for Student/Temp Labor, Pay Rate Changes, Terms

Once a New Hire has been selected, the ePAF is used to complete the hiring process. Read the Hiring Overview process on AccessTufts for the overall Hiring Process for different employee types!
Paper New Hire PAFs will continue to be used for hiring POIs, Recurring Affiliates, Joint Appointments, and Post Docs. 
New Hire form for Post Docs
New Hire form, for POI or Recurring Affiliate
See https://viceprovost.tufts.edu/RAD/award-management/effort/joint-appointments-between-tufts-university-and-tufts-medical-center/ for Joint Appointments 
Corrections to PAFs that have already been submitted should be done via a new PAF. Emails or phone calls are not accepted.

Following the Hire, all  other employment activity for Faculty & Staff, including Pay Rate Changes, Labor Distribution, and Terminations are completed in the eServe Workforce Portal. More information on these actions is available at Submitting Personnel Actions- as of June 3, 2019
For those who don't have access to the eServe Workforce Portal, ePAF for Students/Temps can be used now as well as for Pay Rate Changes, Labor Distribution or Terms.  Since you cannot enter Retroactive transactions* in ePAF, please enter the transaction with today’s date and then email TSS to change to previous date. *Retroactive Labor can be entered for Semi-monthly Students only if within the currently open payroll (ex. If it’s 9/26 today, they can go back to 9/16) or else they need to enter the earliest date they can and then email TSS.

Access to the ePAF requires a completed Application  for PeopleSoft HRMS . The left hand column is for Time Entry/Time Tracking/ePAF for Hiring. The right hand column is used for eServe Workforce Portal to Submit Requests for Personnel Actions like Supplements or Changes. The Time Entry and ePAF user manual  is available for training those who are handling Students/Temps. For those who will be handling Faculty, there is a required training session that must be completed by TSS prior to access being given. The Guide to Hiring Faculty and Unpaid Appointments is also available. While you are awaiting system access/training for Faculty ePAF, you may request concierge service to hire Faculty, if needed. 

Only Recruiters are able to submit ePAFs for Staff. Those who are authorized within the Departments can submit ePAFs for Students and Temps. In addition, the Offices of Faculty Affairs can submit ePAFs for Faculty.

The Time Entry and ePAF user manual provides system documentation for Student/Temp actions. Please Note: As of June 3, 2019, the appearance of eServe has changed, along with the functionality of ePAF, which is now used only for Hiring (Pay Rate Changes, Labor Distribution, and Terms for Students and Temps are now done in the eServe Workforce Portal instead of ePAF). In addition, TSS provides periodic training for ePAF users. Once an account is created, the user can process hires and additional jobs for students, non-Tufts students, and temporary workers. Note that ePAF works best from a computer or laptop rather than a cell phone and that you may have difficulty with a Mac/Safari browser. Try changing browsers if you are having technical issues. If you are Off Campus, note that you must also be on the VPN to have full access to PeopleSoft functions such as Time Entry and ePaf.
Entering information into the ePAF system is easy. If a student is already in PeopleSoft HRMS or the Student Information System, basic information is populated in the ePAF application. For non-Tufts students and temporary workers that basic information must be entered. All New hires and certain rehires are held until a "Pre-provisioning" process and supporting paper documents (W-4, Direct Deposit, and I-9) are received; the TSS will then finalize the transaction. Please see What is Pre-Provisioning and I-9 Employment Verification Process for more information.
Users can view the status of activity to know when information has been “posted” to HRMS.  Please note that the ePAF limits future dated hires to 180 days.
See also Unable to Hire as Student/Temp in ePAF for further guidance! 

Student Workers:
Information about posting student jobs, student pay rates, and other student employment policies can be obtained from the various Student Employment Offices.
If an Hourly Student has not been paid in 5 months, the system will Auto Term him/her and you will need to re-enter an ePAF if the Student begins working again.
Temporary Workers:
Please note that a temporary worker's salary cannot be salaried, and only an hourly rate can be used.  If the proposed rate is above threshold, a department can send TSS correspondence with the proposed rate, which if approved can be input as an override in PeopleSoft. 

Note that in Job Data, the Reason Code for both Students and Temps is 'Student new hire thru ePAF' but the Job Code and Pay Group distinguish whether it is actually a student hire or a Temp hire.

Hiring Freeze- Departments no longer have access to ePAF for Temps/non-Tufts Students 
ePAF privileges have been adjusted so that Temps (includes Non-Tufts Students) cannot be hired. See below screenshot from ePAF stating, “Based on the ePAF privileges you were assigned, you may only be adding a Student Hire”. If someone would like to hire a Temp or Non-Tufts Student, they need to provide this information by completing the Online Temp Help Request Form. The case with a completed Worksheet should assigned to Maureen Sonnie. If she approves, then either a Recruiter or T2 will enter the hire.

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