Evidence of Insurability

There may be instances where an employee must complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) document.  These instances include enrollment in these benefits:

*Please note we are switching carriers from Prudential to Unum on 01/01/2021. EOI will continue to work the same with the exception of Open Enrollment 2020 for calendar year 2021. Please see below for updates:

New Hires:
*  Supplemental Employee Life Insurance –  Amounts in excess of the lesser of 3 times your annual base salary or $750,000 require Evidence of Insurability as a New Hire.
New Hires will follow the online process described below.

Open Enrollment 2020 for Calendar year 2021:
EOI is only required for Supplemental Life Insurance elections at 4x or 5x base salary, or above $750,000. There is No EOI for LTD or Spouse Life. This is a ONE TIME opportunity since we are switching carriers to Unum from Prudential.  If EOI is needed, after Open Enrollment has ended/closed, the employees Tufts e-mail address will be sent to Unum. 48 hours later Unum will reach out to the employee via Tufts email address and ask them to fill out the online EOI. The employee will need to supply Unum with the following information in order to complete the online EOI*: personal information, annual salary, date of hire, the amount of insurance coverage amount(s) they have elected during OE.

Open Enrollment:
*  Supplemental Employee and Dependent Life Insurance and/or Long Term Disability - All applications to become newly enrolled or change to increase the amount of Supplemental Employee, Dependent Life* or LTD insurance will require an online EOI process (see below) to be completed and approval from the insurance company. *EOI is not required for Dependent Life for a child (but is for a spouse)

Evidence of Insurability (EOI Process): 
Prudential will contact employees directly to initiate the EOI process. Every Tuesday, and at the end of Open Enrollment, a file feed is sent from TSS to Prudential for New Hires so that Prudential has the list to contact.  Click here for a sample of the email that Prudential will send. On the email you will find the website (www.prudential.com/eoi), Tufts Group number (46943) and more information.  The employee will log into the website, register, and complete a Short Form. If additional information is required, a Long Form will appear on the screen. Once the screens are completed, the information is sent directly to Prudential.  You do not need to take any further action, as Prudential will advise you whether or not coverage is approved and will also update the Benefits group so that payroll deductions can begin.  

Note: As a new hire or newly Benefit Eligible Employee, you can elect up to 3 times your base annual salary (to a maximum of $750,000) without EOI. If applying for coverage for 4 or 5 times your salary, it is required that you elect coverage equal to 3 times your salary on eServe in conjunction with submitting this request. This will ensure that regardless of the decision by Prudential, you will be enrolled for at least 3 times your salary.
The above does not apply to Open Enrollment. If you apply for 4x or 5x coverage during OE and are denied, you will not then automatically receive 3x unless you were previously enrolled in 3x. If your request for an increase is denied during Open Enrollment, you will retain your previous level of coverage (Ex. 1: If you had 2x coverage and apply for 3x coverage but are denied, your coverage will remain at 2x. Ex. 2: If you had 2x coverage and apply for 5x coverage and are denied, your coverage will remain at 2x and will not go to 3x). You cannot reapply until the next Open Enrollment or if you have a Qualifying Life Event (ex. if you apply for 5x coverage and are denied, you cannot immediately reapply for 4x coverage; you will retain your previous level of coverage until the next time you are eligible to apply for an increase).


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