Ex-Spouses and Benefits 2019

You may be eligible to cover an ex-spouse under the university health, dental, and vision plans if both of the following circumstances apply:

  1. Your ex-spouse was covered by the university’s benefit plans immediately before the divorce, and
  2. You are required by court order to provide coverage for your ex-spouse. You must provide a copy of the court order to Tufts Support Services (TSS) within 31 days of receiving it.​​

2019 Domestic Partner/Ex-Spouse Benefit Rates (PDF)

You can only cover a spouse or an ex-spouse. An employee cannot cover a current spouse and an ex-spouse at the same time.

You must notify Tufts Support Services within 31 days if there is any change in the status of your ex-spouse coverage.

How Covering an Ex-Spouse Affects Your Taxes

Ex-spouses are not tax dependents under federal law, therefore, the value of the university and employee contributions for health, dental and vision insurance for an ex-spouse is considered taxable. Depending on your coverage level, this value could be reported on your paycheck as a post-tax payroll deduction and as taxable imputed income. Imputed income is the taxable value of a service or benefit provided by an employer.

For More Information

If you have any tax questions, please consult your personal tax professional. Tufts University cannot provide legal or tax advice.