Extended Sick Leave 2019

Extended Sick Leave (ESL) supplements sick pay during an approved medical leave of absence. All full-time, non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees who have been employed by Tufts for at least one year are eligible for EIP. Full-time academic-year employees are also eligible for EIP, but only during the academic year.

How ESL Works

ESL is equal to 60% of your base salary (base salary excludes overtime, shift differential, and supplemental pay) for scheduled work days and university holidays. You may choose to apply your available vacation, bonus, and any accumulated personal days to supplement ESL and therefore receive up to 100% of your salary.

ESL begins after a waiting period of 20 work days AND after all your sick time is exhausted. If your sick time is used up during the waiting period, the remainder of that time will be unpaid. Or, you may choose to apply available vacation or personal time. If you have more than twenty 20 sick days, you must use all of your sick time before ESL will begin.

When ESL Ends

All sick leave pay stops at the end of your medical leave. You cannot use ESL to supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits.