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Because AccessTufts is a new and unique approach to administrative services, we know that you'll have questions about using the site. If you can't find an answer to your question below, please contact us.


Table of Contents:

1. About AccessTufts

2. Logging into AccessTufts

3. Initiating Transactions

4. Using Your Dashboard

5. Reporting a Problem

6. Providing Feedback


1. About AccessTufts

What is AccessTufts?

AccessTufts is a portal to the services and information you need as an employee. The goal of AccessTufts is to provide a centralized source for employees to initiate requests and transactions that span multiple departments at Tufts. 

AccessTufts will make it easier to get work done at Tufts by simplifying access to a broad range of services from HR, Finance, IT, Operations, and more; and by explaining the processes involved in key activities such as event planning, onboarding employees, and traveling for business. For selected transactions—a set that will grow cumulatively over time—we will provide facilitated information intake through digitized forms and workflow solutions. 

AccessTufts will enrich the experience of working at Tufts by exposing and promoting valuable information that is often hard to find, including:  

  • Topical news and events
  • Time-sensitive communications
  • Lesser known (but highly valuable) benefits and services
  • University data
  • Community-based announcements

Will AccessTufts replace other web pages or sites at Tufts?
At this time, AccessTufts is not intended to replace any existing sites, but rather to streamline access and bring together cross-departmental information and transactions. 

Why is the same information now available on multiple websites?
Right now, AccessTufts serves as a jumping off point for many administrative and business services. Our goal is to keep content on AccessTufts succinct and up-to-date, and to link out to more detailed sources of information as necessary. Over time, our intent is to streamline content across Tufts' websites so that there is minimal overlap. 

Who can use AccessTufts?
Anyone can use AccessTufts to learn about administrative and business processes at Tufts. Some features, though, are only accessible to faculty and staff with a Tufts account.

When can I use AccessTufts?
AccessTufts is generally available 24/7, but because it integrates with several other systems, maintenance downtime may impact certain transactions on the site. If you encounter a problem, please contact us.

Why do I get emails from multiple systems?
AccessTufts is connected to other systems at Tufts, including those used by TSS and TTS to manage requests. Once a request has been submitted, you may receive emails from those systems or directly from TSS and TTS staff. 

How do I get help if something goes wrong?
If you've received an error message, please or feel that data is wrong or inconsistent, please contact us.


2. Logging into AccessTufts

Why do I need to log in to complete some transactions?
Many requests use personal information (such as your name, employee ID, and contact information) to help speed up the processing time of your transaction. Logging in allows AccessTufts to populate forms with information you would have needed to enter manually.

What account do I use to log into AccessTufts?
You can use your Tufts username and password to log in. These are the same credentials you use to log in to your Tufts email.

I don’t have a Tufts account, but I need to submit a request to TTS or TSS. How can I do that?
If you don't have an account, you can contact TSS by emailing and TTS by emailing


3. Initiating Transactions

Time Off

How does time-off work in AccessTufts?
Please see our guide to Time Off Reporting.

Is using the time-off request/reporting transaction in AccessTufts mandatory?
Time Off Request/Reporting through AccessTufts is currently in beta and in use by select departments. It is not mandatory unless your department administrator has incorporated it into your department workflow and made it mandatory.  

I'm a part-time or non-exempt employee. What do I need to know?
If you already have a time-entry system that you use for time reporting, please continue to use that unless your department administrator institutes a change.

I'm a full-time or exempt employee. What do I need to know?
If you already have a time-entry system that you use for time reporting, please continue to use that unless your department administrator institutes a change.

Why can't you pre-populate my timekeep information?
The practice of timekeeping varies among departments. Some departments specify a dedicated person while others funnel time off reporting to a department mailbox. The Time Off application is designed to accommodate either workflow. At this time, we are unable to look up the person or mailbox associated with an employee, but this may be addressed in a future release. 

I don't know who my timekeeper is. What should I do?
Please ask your supervisor or local department administrator who your timekeeper is.



I submitted a leave request but I don’t see it listed in my dashboard. Why is that?
AccessTufts allows you to initiate a leave request with minimal up-front information required. Because details of a leave request are often sensitive or personal in nature, the full process requires direct communication with an HR representative.

I submitted a leave request, but I haven’t heard back from HR. What should I do?
If you haven’t heard from HR within 5 working days, please contact the HR Leave of Absence Specialist, Laura Alix, at 617-627-3154.


PCard and TCard

Can I request a PCard or TCard for a new faculty/staff member?
No. The person whose name will be on the card must submit their own request. 

Can I request a PCard or TCard for myself before I've started working at Tufts?
No. You must have a Tufts account and be in the system before requesting a card.

How can I check the status of my PCard or TCard application?
You can check the status of your transaction anytime by viewing your Dashboard.


4. Using Your Dashboard

What is the Dashboard and how do I use it?
The Dashboard shows the status of requests that you have made through AccessTufts, and also requests you have made with TSS and TTS through email or phone. If you are an approver of transactions in AccessTufts, your Dashboard will also show requests awaiting your review and past requests that you have either approved or denied. 

How can I find the status of a request?
You can check the status of your transaction anytime by viewing your Dashboard.

What do the statuses I see mean?

  • Pending - A request with a status of pending has been sent to an approver for review.
  • Denied - A request with a status of denied has been denied by the approver. If your request is denied, you will receive a notification containing the reason it was denied.
  • Processing - A request with a status of processing has been approved and is being processed for service. You will receive additional status updates from the servicing party.
  • Awaiting User Info - Awaiting user info indicates that the service agent needs additional information from you in order to service your request.
  • Closed - A status of closed indicates that service on your request has been completed.

I'm an approver, but I don't see a "My Approvals" tab. Should I?
You will only see the "My Approvals" tab after you have received a request for approval. 

Why do I see IT Service Requests that I didn't create?
AccessTufts features unified case management which means that you will be able to monitor the status of requests you have made with TSS and TTS through email or phone as well as requests made from within AccessTufts.

Why am I not seeing my requests to Facilities?
Facilities requests are processed in a system outside of AccessTufts. Integration with the Facilities request system is something we're working on for a future release.


5. Reporting a Problem

Something on the site appears to be broken. How do I report it?
We appreciate being notified if you feel something is not working correctly. Please use the contact form.

I received an error message while using AccessTufts. Who should I contact for assistance?
We appreciate being notified if you feel something is not working correctly. Please use the contact form.

Data prepopulated about me is incorrect or missing. Who should I contact to make a correction?
Data about you that is prepopulated on forms comes from Tufts' systems of record.  

  • If the data is wrong, please contact TSS.
  • If the data is correct, but the formatting is inconsistent or incorrect, please contact us.

Content on a specific page seems out of date or incorrect. How do I report it?
We strive to keep content in AccessTufts up to date and you can help us.  If you feel content is out of date or incorrect, please let us know by using the contact form.


6. Providing Feedback

I have a suggestion for improving AccessTufts. How do I share it with you?
Please use the AccessTufts contact form. Someone on our team will review your feedback and follow up with you, if necessary.

What's next for AccessTufts?
AccessTufts is not a static website; it is an evolving platform that will grow over time in response to feedback and requests from you and other members of our community. We will be continuously rolling out new features to help you optimize your time and get the most out of working at Tufts. Want to be involved in shaping AccessTufts? Let us know.