Financial Account Codes

Tufts uses account codes to create categories for all financial transactions at the University. These codes are an integral part of budgeting, reconciliation, and financial reporting.

Each code consists of either 2 or 3 parts:

  1. Account Number – Defines the type of transaction (revenue or expense)
  2. DeptID – Describes which organizational unit, department, and cost center the transaction belongs to
  3. Grant/Project Number – Used if the transaction is grant-funded or belongs to a capital project

Most active employees (excluding temps and student workers) have access to the list of account codes in Tableau, where you can view, sort, and search the codes. To access more detailed financial information or to review transactions for individual account codes, you will need to log into Data Warehouse.

See the Tufts Finance Division’s chart of accounts page for detailed information about account codes and how they are generated and used in financial transactions.