Further Training for Web Developers

For training, there are a few excellent resources available online, ranging from quick fact sheets to full accessibility training programs.  These are the two we recommend:

Resource: The Official W3C WCAG Docs

What is it?

  • The official documentation for WCAG, ranging from technical specifications to friendly explanations with pictures.

How do I access it?

Resource: SiteImprove’s Web Dev Accessibility Academy

What is it?

  • A comprehensive, yet short, series of free online courses for web developers.
  • Covers everything you need to know.
  • Very user friendly and easy to follow.
  • Requires access to SiteImprove (the system Tufts uses to determine how well it’s meeting the accessibility requirements)

How do you access it?

  • Upon logging in to SiteImprove, click the Help Center and Academydrop-down in the top right.


  • Choose Academy at the bottom of the list. You’ll be taken to the SiteImprove Academy site.

  • In the top left menu, choose Course Library.

  • The learning path you want is Accessibility for Web Developers.

Note: Unless it’s something you’ll be called upon to do, you can skip the “Making Accessible PDFs” section.