Extended Sick Leave 2018

An eligible nonexempt employee who is full-time and employed for greater than one (1) year may make a request for Extended Sick Leave (ESL) upon exhaustion of accrued Paid Sick Leave. ESL is equal to sixty percent (60%) of the employee’s base salary (base salary excludes overtime, shift differential, and supplemental pay) and it applies to scheduled work days and University holidays.

Employees may choose to apply accumulated vacation, bonus, and personal days to receive up to 100% of their salary. ESL may not be used to supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits. An employee shall not receive more than twenty-six (26) weeks of combined paid Sick Leave and ESL in a twelve (12) month period. ESL may not be used on an intermittent basis.


To be eligible for Extended Sick Leave, the employee must have:

  • Served at least one (1) continuous year of full-time service;
  • Be on approved Sick Leave due to the employee’s own serious health condition; and,
  • Satisfied a 20-day waiting period from the date of ESL request.