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Tuition Remission 2018

Discover new worlds and new perspectives. Tufts encourages eligible employees, their spouse or qualified domestic partner (QDP) and eligible dependents to take advantage of the Tufts University Tuition Remission Program. You can use this program to further your career, pursue a degree or certificate program, or simply take a course you've always wanted to take at Tufts.

Relevant Forms and Documents

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible for tuition remission if you have been continuously employed as a benefits-eligible employee for at least three months on the first day of the semester. Eligibility requirements for spouses, qualified domestic partners and eligible dependent children are outlined in the Tuition Remission Plan Guide above.

For eligibility or taxation questions contact TSS Tufts Support Services by email or call 617-627-7000.

How to Sign Up

Before taking classes under the Tuition Remission Program, you must:

  • Complete the Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form. Email completed form, with required signatures, to Student Services at TuitionRemissionApplication@tufts.edu.
  • In some cases, other steps are required to register for a course. Please see Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form for all registration procedures by school.
  • Course offerings can be found here: SIS  - go.tufts.edu/sis
  • For registration, tuition, or billing questions contact Student Services: TuitionRemissionApplication@tufts.edu.


Please see the Tuition Program Taxation Guidelines above for information about Federal and State taxes that affect this benefit.

  • Employees: Undergraduate courses for employees are excluded from taxation. Non Job Related Graduate courses for employees are excluded from taxation up to $5,250.00 per calendar year. Graduate courses for employees are excluded from taxation if the course is considered job related to your current position. Please note: A course or degree program that helps to prepare you for a future job at Tufts or elsewhere will does not qualify as job-related.
  • Spouses: Undergraduate courses for spouses are excluded from taxation. Graduate courses for spouses are taxable to the employee.
  • Qualified Domestic Partners: All courses (undergraduate and graduate) for qualified domestic partners are 100% taxable to the employee.
  • Dependent Children: Undergraduate courses for dependent children of benefits eligible employees (and their spouses dependent children) are excluded from taxes. Undergraduate courses for dependent children of qualified domestic partners are Federal and State taxable to the employee. Dependent children are not eligible to enroll in Graduate level courses under the tuition remission program.

For eligibility or taxation questions contact TSS Tufts Support Services by email or call 617-627-7000.