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Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a personalized service provided by Tufts University at no cost to you. Call anytime to reach a Personal Health Advocate, typically a registered nurse supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists, for help resolving time-consuming healthcare and insurance-related issues, understanding your benefits, and much more. You, your spouse/domestic partner, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law can all take advantage of this personalized service.

Find the right doctors
We can also find the right hospitals, specialists, and other leading providers, anywhere in the country.

Schedule appointments
Our experts can make appointments, arrange second opinions, and transfer medical records.

Clarify health and other benefits
We can answer questions about medical, dental, disability, Medicare, and other benefits.

Work with insurance companies
We interact with insurance companies and providers on your behalf.

Resolve benefits issues
We’ll do the legwork to resolve insurance claims and billing issues, untangle medical bills, and coordinate benefits.

Help with eldercare
We can address senior issues including finding eldercare services, adult day care, and more.

Direct you to work/life resources
We’ll get you to the right place for help better balancing your work and life responsibilities.

Answer your questions
We help you understand medical conditions, tests, treatments, and medications.

How to Reach Health Advocate

Telephone: 866-695-8622

Email: answers@HealthAdvocate.com

Website: HealthAdvocate.com/tufts


Please note that Health Advocate does not provide health insurance or medical coverage. Their program is not a substitute for your current health insurance plan.