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Dealing with a Serious Illness or Injury

Tufts offers several benefits and resources to provide help if you or a family member has a serious illness.

Time Off and Leaves of Absence
Learn about your options for taking time off or a leave of absence to care for yourself or another family member.

Workers’ Compensation
If you are injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The Office of Risk Management provides information about this process.

Long-Term Disability
Tufts’ long-term disability plan can help cover your financial needs if you are unable to work for a period of time.

Alternative Work Schedule
An alternative work arrangement, such as telecommuting, a compressed work week, or another type of schedule, may be available when you’re facing an illness.

Long-Term Care Insurance
If you previously enrolled in long-term care insurance through Prudential or CNA, learn more about your options.

In-Home Care and Backup Care
During an illness, you may need additional care for yourself or a loved one. Tufts provides a Care.com benefit to help you find a care provider for any member of your family, including you.

Employee Assistance Program
If you or a family member needs extra help, the Employee Assistance Program (1-800-451-1834) provides confidential counseling services and other types of support.

Health Advocate
Have a healthcare or health insurance issue? Learn how Health Advocate can help.

Best Doctors
Best Doctors can help with any questions or concerns about your medical care. Through Best Doctors, you can have a specialist conduct an in-depth review of your diagnosis or treatment plan, get expert advice about medical care, or get help finding a doctor or specialist in your area.