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Pre-Retirement Checklist

Ideally, you should begin preparing for retirement at least a full year before your retirement date, if not earlier. Here are some important things for you to do before the big day.

6 to 12 Months Before Your Retirement

  • Confirm your Retiree Health eligibility by contacting Tufts Support Services (TSS).
  • Contact Social Security to make sure you understand your Social Security payment options.
  • Schedule an appointment with Fidelity at 1-800-642-7131 or TIAA at 1-800-732-8353 to review your retirement savings.

3 Months Before Your Retirement

  • Notify your supervisor and submit a written resignation letter with your intended retirement date.
  • Contact Tufts Support Services (TSS) to request a meeting with the Human Resources Benefits office to review your benefit plan enrollments and Retiree Health options, at least three months before your last day.
  • Apply for Medicare Parts A & B if you will be age 65 when you retire. You can do this up to three months before you turn 65 via this link.
  • If you already have Medicare Part A and need to enroll in Part B only, you will need to take a completed Form CMS 40B to the Social Security Office. Contact TSS to request a completed form.

1 Month Before Your Retirement

  • Meet with your supervisor to be sure your Separation Personnel Action Form (PAF) has been submitted.
  • Since Medicare is effective the first day of a month, you may want to choose a retirement date on the last day of a month.

Enroll in a Retiree Health Plan (if you are eligible)

  • Begin reviewing the Over Age 65 Health Plan options to choose a plan.

    If you are age 65 or older and plan to enroll, contact Tufts Support Services (TSS) to submit a copy of your Medicare A & B card, a Health Plan Enrollment Form (include your spouse's form if over age 65), and a Retiree Dental Enrollment Form, if applicable.

    If you are under age 65, you can remain in the health plan in which you are currently enrolled. Your spouse and eligible dependents can remain on the plan as well if they are younger than age 65.

At Least 2 Weeks Before Your Retirement

  • If enrolling in Retiree Dental, send Tufts Support Services a Retiree Dental Enrollment Form
  • If enrolling in Retiree Health, send a confirmation email with "Retirement Benefits" in the subject line to Tuft Support Services. The email should read as follows:

    As a retiree under the age of 65, this is to confirm that I wish to enroll in the Retiree Health Plan in my current health plan. I am enrolled in (your plan and coverage type, as well as any covered dependent's names and their relationship to you). My retirement date is (date).

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