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Retiree Dental Plan

Tufts offers eligible retirees and their dependents the opportunity to purchase continued dental coverage through Delta Dental.

Who Is Eligible?

If you are eligible for Retiree Health, you and your eligible family members can continue your dental coverage through the Tufts Retiree Dental Plan. This coverage will start on your retirement date. If you do not enroll at the time of your retirement but you enroll in Retiree Health at that time, you can enroll in Retiree Dental during any subsequent annual Open Enrollment period.

What Is Covered?

This plan covers preventive treatment at 100%, basic care at 75%, and major services at 50%. The annual maximum coverage per person is $1,000. For a full description of the plan and rates, please review Delta Dental's Coverage Summary and the Delta Dental Subscriber's Certificate.

This plan also allows you to roll over a portion of your unused spending to following years, to help you pay for more expensive procedures—such as bridges, crowns, and root canals–in the future. You can find more details in the Delta Dental Rollover Max brochure.

Important Notes

  • If you need coverage for you and your dependents, you can choose two-person or family coverage.
  • You will be billed for your dental coverage by EBPA Benefits.
  • Once enrolled in the Retiree Dental plan, you will receive a new identification card from Delta Dental.