Human Resources Wellness Events

Winter 2019

We will be adding more events through the semester. Check back for more wellness events offered at Tufts.

Building a Budget
Wellness Dimension: Financial

Join us for this informative session to help shape up your financial life to ensure that you meet your short, mid, and long-term financial goals.  Presented by Metro Credit Union, this seminar includes helpful budgeting and money management tips.  

January 8 – Grafton
January 10 – Medford
January 15 – Boston



Sleep from A to Zzzz
Wellness Dimension: Physical

The class will help you discover how sleep works and recognize the symptoms and consequences of sleep deprivation. You will receive practical, healthy sleep tips and relaxation techniques that can be used to get a better night’s sleep... tonight. 

January 9 – Grafton
January 11 – Boston
January 30 – Medford



New Perspectives on Stress
Wellness Dimension: Emotional

We have a dual relationship with stress; on the one hand, we believe it's making us sick and on the other hand, we thrive on it.  Rather than viewing stress as our undoing, what if we looked at stress as a resource. Attend this session to learn more about the current stress science including alternative stress responses.

January 15 – SMFA
January 16 – Grafton
January 16 – Boston
January 17 – Medford



Caring for our Dependent Adults, near and far
Wellness Dimensions: Emotional and Financial

Many of us worry about our dependent adults or elder relatives and don’t always know where or when to turn for help. Come find out about University benefits and resources, organizations, and local resources.

January 29 - Boston
February 6 – Grafton



Ease your Mind:  Manage Anxiety (Webinar)
Wellness Dimension: Emotional and Physical

In this webinar, we will take an in-depth look at anxiety disorders, which rank among the most common and most serious mental disorders in the United States. We will look at what it is, the risk factors, the symptoms, and some of the therapies available to treat anxiety.

January 30



DASH to Better Health
Wellness Dimension: Physical

The DASH eating plan reduces and prevents high blood pressure, promotes healthy weight management and reduces the risk of developing certain chronic diseases and some types of cancers. Come learn what the DASH eating plan is and ways to incorporate DASH-friendly foods and recipes into your life. 

February 5 – Grafton
February 7 – Medford
February 28 - Boston



Exercise is Medicine:  How Exercise can Improve Your Health (Webinar)
Wellness Dimension: Physical

Research proves that exercise has a role in the treatment and prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension. Participants will learn about the benefits of exercise and how to discuss physical activity with their primary care physician.

February 6



Know Your Numbers
Wellness Dimensions: Physical

Are you interested in learning more about blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and other health markers? Join us to learn about the importance of these numbers as well as the optimal ranges and high-risk values and strategies to improve or maintain your optimal numbers through lifestyle changes. 

February 13 – Medford
February 14 – Boston
February 26 – SMFA
February 28 – Grafton



Mastering Meal Prep

Healthy eating takes time, effort and creativity. You will learn all the steps to meal preparation success, including planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and proper storage. There will also be ample recipe ideas and inspiration on how to make meal prep life easier.

March 5 –  Grafton
March 7 – Medford
March 12 - Boston



Blue Light and Eye Health 
Wellness Dimensions: Physical

Most blue light exposure is from sunlight, however energy efficient bulbs in the work place and the use of devices may increase exposure. Learn more about recent discoveries of the dangers of short wavelength light exposure (blue light) and tips to maintain good eye health and experience greater comfort in the process! 

March 5 - Medford
March 6 - Boston
March 7 - Grafton



Been There?  Done that?  Proven Weight Management Strategies for long-term Success (Webinar)
Wellness Dimension: Physical

Being overweight increases risk of developing many diseases, including Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. Join us to discover the secrets to success: 1) Identify what you eat; 2) Identify what to eat; 3) How to make better choices for life through diet and physical activity. 

March 8