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Human Resources Wellness Events

Spring 2018

Retirement: It's Not Just About the Money
Investigate the many options that come with retirement and how you can prepare for the years ahead. 

April 5 - Boston
April 11 - Medford
April 25 - Grafton


Ask the Pharmacist: Asthma and Allergies
Get answers to your questions about inhalers, over-the-counter medications, and how to cope with asthma and allergies.

May 8 - Grafton
May 8 - Medford
May 17 - Boston


Fitness at Any Age
Learn how to start and maintain a workout routine that is safe and effective for you.

May 10 - Boston
May 16 - Grafton
May 30 - Medford


Jumbo Steps: 6-week Step Challenge
Team up to take 10,000 steps a day. Boost your health, explore your campus, and bond with your colleagues. 

May 14 through June 24


Skin Health and Cancer Awareness
Learn about the anatomy of your skin, the ABCDEs of melanoma, and how to keep your skin healthy while enjoying time in the sun.

June 13 - Grafton
June 14 - Boston
June 14 - Medford


Spring 2018 - Previous Events

Outsmarting the Midlife Female Fat Cell
Learn practical tips that work with the changes that occur as you age to maintain a healthy you.

March 15 - Medford
March 21 - Grafton
March 27 - Boston


Healthy Snacking Workshop
Find out how the right combination of foods can fuel your mind and body and curb your sweet tooth. Includes healthy snack samples to get you through the afternoon. Offered by Marathon Health.

March 22 - Boston
March 28 - Medford
March 28 - Grafton