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I Want to Improve My Health

Wellness is a core component of your Tufts benefits package. Tufts Human resources sponsors wellness events throughout the year. You can find them on the campus calendar.

We also provide the following resources to support your healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Center and Health Coaching
Our wellness center and health coaching program can help keep you and your family feeling your best.

Fitness and Weight Watchers Benefits
To encourage you to stay fit and healthy, we’ll reimburse you for certain health and fitness programs.

Fitness Centers and Classes
Take advantage of the many athletic facilities and programs on the Medford/Somerville campus and physical therapy services on the Boston campus.

Well-Time Policy
Tufts employees can use accrued sick time for approved wellness activities.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Save money by putting aside pre-tax income to pay for certain healthcare or childcare costs.

Health Advocate
Have a healthcare or health insurance issue? Learn how Health Advocate can help.

Best Doctors
Best Doctors can help with any questions or concerns about your medical care. Through Best Doctors, you can have a specialist conduct an in-depth review of your diagnosis or treatment plan, get expert advice about medical care, or get help finding a doctor or specialist in your area.