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Hiring Temporary Employees

Tufts University allows temporary employees to be hired through its Managed Service Provider (MSP), called Tufts Temps. Managers should pre-register to use the Tufts Temps service by completing the Expense Authorization Form. The completed form should be submitted to TuftsTemps@tufts.edu.

When a temporary employee is needed, the hiring manager can access the requisition form using Single Sign On (SSO), which is the same login used to log on to the Tufts’ system every day. Should you have questions, please reach out to the Tufts Temps Help Desk at TuftsTemps@tufts.edu or 617-627-0721.

Some temps fill a short-term need where computer/systems access and directory presence is required. If a temporary employee will need access to Tufts email or other systems, please complete the TTS Affiliate Account Request Form.

For more information about hiring temporary workers and/or Tufts Temps, please visit FAQs about hiring temporary employees.