High Performance Computing (Tufts Research Cluster)

Tufts High Performance Computing (HPC) is comprised of the Tufts Linux Research Cluster and the host of advanced mathematical and scientific research applications installed on them there. Browse to Tufts Technology Services Computing Research Resources to learn more about available resources.

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Get Started

Access to the Tufts Research Cluster resource begins with the account registration form. Browse to http://research.uit.tufts.edu/ and select the Request Account for Research Computing Cluster link.

  1. Log in with your Tufts Username and Tufts Password. Note: guests and students require faculty or researcher sponsorship.
  2. Fill in out the form, correcting any pre-filled information that is incorrect.
  3. Remove the example text in the Usage Information box and briefly describe your planned use of the Cluster.
  4. In the Type of Account field, select the Cluster account.
  5. When finished, click Submit Request.
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Benefits and Features

The Research and Geospatial Technology Services group supports scientific, mathematical, and biological research at Tufts by providing access to the high-performance computing power of the Tufts Linux Research Cluster. These servers and their extensive list of installed software, editors, and compilers combine to create a high-performance computing environment worthy of Tufts research, science and medical communities.

Features include:

  • Online forms available for Cluster accounts
  • Network-accessible Research storage is available to support data collection
  • Tufts-sponsored Cluster guest accounts support collaborative research
Tufts Research Cluster
Use TTS research technology self-service forms to request account