Hiring Staff and Faculty

The hiring process at Tufts involves four major steps: posting the job, conducting interviews, making an offer, and onboarding. The individual steps vary depending on the position type, each of which is outlined below.

Current employees can use our applicant-tracking database, Taleo (accessible through the Careers at Tufts site) to apply for staff positions at Tufts. Human Resources recruiters use it to manage job postings, and hiring managers can use it to manage candidates. Taleo job aids are available to assist managers as they use the system.

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Writing the Job Description 

Job descriptions help managers and their staff in a number of ways:

  • To summarize the general responsibilities and competencies of a position
  • As a tool to use in the course of hiring new or additional staff
  • To work with the HR team to determine career ladders, review compensation data and manage internal equity
  • As a framework for reviewing performance

Your Human Resources Business Partner can help you summarize the primary functions and core duties for each position.

Standard Job Descriptions are available for most administrative, research, and program or project positions. You can get copies of these job descriptions and salary ranges from your Human Resources Business Partner.

Creating a New Job Description - You do not need to create a new job description each time you have an opening. If there have been substantial changes to an existing job or a new position has been added in your department, contact your Human Resources Business Partner and we will work through the process with you.

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    Job Posting and Interviews

    • HR posts job to Taleo and advertises the opening
    • HR works with hiring manager to determine the process for filtering applicants, reviews resumes, and handles initial screenings via phone
    • Hiring manager conducts interviews with pool of finalists
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    Making an Offer

    • Hiring manager chooses a candidate and communicates this to HR
    • HR conducts background/reference check, makes offer via phone
    • After candidate accepts offer, written offer is sent via email
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    Background Checks

    Human Resources provides guidance and may conduct background checks on prospective and current faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and contractors, depending on the responsibilities of the position. For more information on this policy, please see Tufts University Background Check Procedure (PDF).

    Some jobs may require additional certifications for specific work environments or in compliance with licensure, law or regulations. If you are a manager, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner to discuss the process, policies, and procedures around background checks for new or current jobs within your department.

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      • Within 3 business days of the employee’s starting date, they must complete form I-9 and present documentation to verify identity and work eligibility. This can be done during orientation or at the TSS office.
      • Refer to the New Hire Orientation Manager's Checklist (PDF) for additional onboarding tasks. Managers can access the checklist through the Tufts Learning Center.