Hosting Guests at Tufts

Bringing guests to Tufts can be a logistical challenge. The resources below will help you get started with travel arrangements and access administrative support.

Bringing Guests to Campus

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Transportation to Tufts

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Hotels and Accommodations

Tufts Purchasing negotiates special rates with many local hotels. Check the full list of preferred hotels for locations, discounts, and blackout dates when booking lodging for guests.

You can also book a hotel directly online through the Campus Travel Management Portal.

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See the Tufts Travel Policy for more information about applicable rules for paying non-employee travel expenses.

Hosting Guests Remotely

Tufts Technology Services provides WebEx, a conferencing tool that you can use to host guests remotely for classes, meetings, and special events.

Paying Guest Speakers and Performers

If you are inviting a guest to Tufts and plan to pay them a speaking, appearance, or performance fee, please contact Tufts Support Services (TSS).