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Human Resources

Human Resources helps Tufts fulfill its mission as a student-centered research university with policies and programs designed to attract, retain, and develop a skilled workforce. Although we are one department, we have organized our team members into dedicated focus areas.

Strategic Workforce Services (Human Resource Business Partners)

Strategic Workforce Services is made up of seasoned human resources business partners (HRBPs) who work directly with campus departments as they recruit, hire, train, and manage their workforce. This includes helping units establish positive leadership and management practices. Additionally, HRBPs connect departments and employees with other Human Resources services that support and advance their objectives.

Maureen Sonnie, Director

Human Resources Business Partner contact information

Benefit Services

Benefit Services is responsible for programs and services that support the whole employee and employee’s family. This includes a host of health, wellness, counseling, and financial benefits and services.

Please contact Tufts Support Services with questions about benefits.

Compensation Services

To attract and retain talent, it is vital that Tufts classify and compensate positions appropriately. Compensation Services is responsible for establishing and maintaining the university’s pay plan.

Deborah Blackie, Director

Please contact your Human Resources Business Partner with questions about compensation.

Learning and Development Services

Training and Development Services is responsible for training programs that help employees succeed in their current jobs and development programs that help employees grow professionally in their career at Tufts. The unit offers a host of specialized developmental services for individuals and groups.

Mary Anne McInnis, Director

Please contact your Human Resources Business Partner with questions about learning and development.

Human Resources Planning and Projects

Human Resources Planning and Projects is responsible for the coordination of our department’s systems and reporting and data management. The unit is also responsible for our mid and long-range planning.

Anne Spangler, Director

Human Resources Administration

Human Resources Administration is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the department and assisting other department units with resource planning, project management, and logistical support. The university’s background check process is also managed out of this unit.

Julien Carter, Vice President

Himal Jayasekara, Administrative Services Manager