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Improved Collaboration with New Features for WebEx, Jabber, and Box

Posted: July 11, 2019
Collaboration tool

Tufts Technology Services recently implemented a number of new features for three of our key collaboration tools: WebEx, Jabber and Box. Learn more below about what's now possible and how to be more productive in your work at Tufts using these tools.

Tufts WebEx - New WebEx Meetings Desktop App

Do you currently use WebEx productivity tools on your desktop to interact and join WebEx meetings? If so, we think you'll love the new WebEx Meetings desktop app. The WebEx Meetings desktop app replaced WebEx productivity tools and has intuitive interface improving the user experience by simplifying common tasks; like starting and joining meetings all within the app, without a need to login to Tufts WebEx site.

About Tufts WebEx Service

Tufts WebEx service allows users to host or participate in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing, with up to 1,000 participants allowed in a virtual meeting room. Meetings can be joined in a number of ways via the WebEx desktop, web, and mobile apps. Learn more about this service and available options.

Benefits of using the WebEx desktop app

Using the WebEx desktop app with the Tufts WebEx service will offers a number of benefits to the community, including the ability to:

  1. Start your own meeting in your personal meeting room with a tap of button - the green button
  2. Join other users recently visited personal meeting rooms with one click
  3. Enjoy better Outlook calendar integration – start scheduled meetings directly from the Outlook desktop app, see your calendar events and upcoming meetings
  4. Share content to nearby Cisco video endpoints wirelessly with one click
  5. View your personal WebEx recordings

Getting started by Installing the application

In order to use the WebEx desktop app, you will need to install it on your computer.

NOTE: If have issues with the application or if you don't have administrative rights on your computer, please contact the TTS Service desk to assist with the installation by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing Since the new desktop app replaces the WebEx productivity tools and will update the integration with Microsoft Outlook, your Outlook will need to be closed during installation.

Support and training resources

As you begin to use the WebEx desktop app, there are many resources available to you:

Tufts Jabber - New Jabber Mobile Persistent Chat Function

Tufts University has enabled a new feature for using Jabber on your mobile device.

About Tufts Jabber (Chat) Service

Tufts Jabber service allows users to communicate online via instant messaging and group chat. (Similar to Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, Slack). Learn more about this service and available options.

Benefits of using Jabber's Persistent Chat Functionality

Persistent chat rooms - which allow you to join a chat with multiple users and keep a conversation going - has been available for desktop Jabber users for quite some time. If you love this feature, you will now be able to use this on your mobile device (iOS and Android) as well. Learn more about the persistent chat functionality.

Tufts Box - New Box Drive for Your Desktop

Tufts University upgraded our Box service to include Box Drive. Box Drive will replace Box Sync for accessing files locally on your computer.

About Tufts Box Service

Tufts Box service allows users to store, access, and share content securely at Tufts and beyond. (Similar to: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). Learn more about this service and available options.

Benefits of using Box Drive

Using Box Drive with Box enables a number of benefits to the community:

  • Access to your online files locally on your desktop.
  • Links your local machine with Box for real-time updating to and from the cloud (online storage),
  • Integrates file browser - either Windows Explorer or Mac Finder - with your Tufts University Box Account, enabling you to work with potentially billions of files directly on your desktop.
  • Fetches files when you open then eliminating the need to download files first.
  • Takes up very little computer hard drive space.
  • Stores files in the online cloud (while allowing accessed through your local machine), means no need to worry about lost progress or data security if your computer is lost or stolen.

Additional benefits of Box Drive vs. Box Sync are listed below and online.



Box Drive

Box Sync

Search and view all the content in your Box account (including read-only) 


Upload content to any Box folder/ Open files from any Box folder


Lock content for editing

Mark content for offline access

Create and retrieve a Shared link

Manage collaborators


Change the location of the Box folder on your computer

Overview of Box Drive can be found on YouTube.

Getting started with Box Drive

Tufts plans to uninstall Box Sync and push Box Drive to all Tufts-owned and managed machines. If you are using Box Sync on any personally owned devices, use the links below to uninstall Box Sync first.

  • Uninstall on Windows machines
  • Uninstall on Mac machines

Any other questions for assistance with WebEx, Jabber, or Box, contact the TTS Service Desk by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing

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