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International Vendor Wire Payments

As a global institution, Tufts engages with suppliers domestically and around the world. When it comes time to issue payment to an international supplier, there are specific steps for registering a supplier in PaymentWorks that will allow them to receive payment via wire to a foreign bank. If you are paying a first time vendor by way of e-Check Voucher, the Accounts payable team will send your vendor the invite. For payments via Purchase Order (which are requested through e-Req [e-Requisition]) to a first time vendor, department admins send the invitation out of PaymentWorks. 

International Supplier Payments via Wire

We have updated the International Wire Transfer process as of 11/10/2022.

  1. New International Supplier creates a PaymentWorks Account and selects the payment option “wire.” (Click here to send an invitation)
  2. An online wire transfer form is sent to them automatically.
  3. After completion of the wire transfer form, it is stored with TSS- Accounts Payable.
  4. Supplier sends the invoice (which must include US Dollar equivalent) to with the Purchase Order (PO number) on the invoice.
  5. TSS Accounts Payable wires the funds using the information on the Wire Transfer form once the invoice is approved in Medius.


  • Tufts prefers to pay invoices with a US dollar equivalent. Please request this from the vendor to avoid currency conversion issues with the purchase order.
  • If your supplier is a non-resident alien, please attach a completed Alien Payment Form to the E-requisition or check voucher you submit.
  • When submitting an international check voucher, please include the message “This payment will be made by wire transfer” in the special instructions section.  This is especially important for travel reimbursements to identify them as the wire form will no longer be necessary.
  • Wire transfers are reserved for payments to Foreign Bank accounts and when a P-Card purchase, ACH, or check payment is not feasible.

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