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Lactation Rooms and Resources

Lactation Rooms

Any nursing person who is a member of the Tufts community (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) can use the lactation rooms provided in various locations around our campuses. The Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity has resources for nursing and maintains a list of Tufts lactation rooms.

These two articles from the United States Department of Labor provide more information about the laws regarding lactation space:

Shipping Breastmilk for Work-Related Travel

Parents of nursing children sometimes ship breastmilk while on work-related travel. Tufts University may reimburse reasonable costs associated with breastmilk shipment for work-related travel. Reasonable circumstances for reimbursement might include: an extended period of travel (travel period should be more than 2 weeks), an avoidance of sudden weaning, or no or low supply of frozen breastmilk at home. For grant-funded positions, prior authorization from the grant sponsor would be necessary before reasonable milk shipping expenses can be reimbursed. For others on authorized business, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred while traveling are subject to department or project budget limitations.

Two options to ship breast milk are FedEx and Milk Stork. With FedEx, you ship with their cold shipping containers, which you can order from them. With Milk Stork, you make arrangements online to have a cooling unit shipped to you and picked up.

For questions, please contact June Goldstein, Dependent Care Specialist in Human Resources at

Additional Resources

Breast Pumps and Tufts Health Plan

See Tufts Health Plan for information on coverage of the purchase of a manual or electric breast pump and for the rental of a hospital-grade electric breast pump.

The Office on Women’s Health

A part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, OWH addresses critical women's health issues. Their Guide to Breastfeeding includes many topics, such as Pumping and Storing Your Milk and Going Back to Work

International Lactation Consultant Association

Find board-certified lactation consultants for a variety of reasons, including strategies for breastfeeding and lactation after returning to work.

La Leche League, International

La Leche League helps parents and families breastfeed, chestfeed, and human milk feed their babies through parent-to-parent support.


One goal of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is to provide breastfeeding information, resources, and support.


ZipMilk is a site that provides listings for breastfeeding resources sorted by ZIP Code. Find information about lactation consultants, support groups and mother-to-mother breastfeeding educators.