From Move More to Jumbo Steps - Promoting Wellness at Tufts

From Move More to Jumbo Steps - Promoting Wellness at Tufts

Tufts places a strong focus on the wellness of our community. In the winter, many in the community joined in the Move More Challenge and next up is the Jumbo Steps - 6 week challenge! 

Led by the Tufts University Wellness Center, with Tufts Human Resources sponsorship, the 6-week step challenge, Jumbo Steps, begins on Monday, May 8, 2017 with an enrollment deadline of Sunday, May 14, 2017 at Midnight.

The Jumbo Steps challenge involves logging 420,000 steps over the course of the program. Your goal is to reach an average of 10,000 steps a day. You may join the challenge as an individual or as part of a team with up to 5 participants. 

Registration details

To sign up for the challenge, log in to the Marathon eHealth Portal and follow the links under "Tufts News." You can also follow these instructions.

Once you register, you'll have the option to sync your step-tracking device.

Got Questions? Contact The Wellness Center at 617-627-0467 or review answers to frequently asked questions for more information.

Want to get recognition for your steps!
Be sure to fill out the publicity release form, or in hardcopy on the Marathon eHealth Portal so we can announce your name if you win this challenge.

Why should you join in the Jumbo Steps Challenge?

As a step to getting and staying healthy! Also to earn a chance to Win a Fitbit Alta! One team (each participant on the team will receive the prize) and one individual will be selected in the raffle.

Need more reason to join! Hear what your colleagues in the Office of Sustainability had to say about their experience in the Move More challenge! They all won Fitbits!


Team fitbits

The whole team won Fitbits!



I was really motivated by the prospect of winning a fitbit, since I didn't have one and couldn't justify buying one. Being part of a team kept me going because I didn't want to be the one dragging our team down. Winning the fitbit was great since we all got one so we could participate in a Workweek Hustle which really made me appreciate how much exercise my colleagues get just walking to work (vs. my driving in a car). They would reach my step goal before I'd even walked a thousand steps! I've been surprised by how motivating using the Fitbit has been - it's fun to see its reaction when you meet your goals and it is motivating to have something to strive for that seems doable. I probably get a couple thousand more steps in now just because the goal seems achievable -and getting steps often feels easy compared to prospect of going to the gym for an hour. Plus I like that all your steps from the whole day, including going to meetings, counts so you don't have to care out big chunks of time to meet your goals.

Tina Woolston, Program Director

The challenge pushes you to do more to stay healthy. A little peer pressure is always helpful! And you can also have walking meetings to conduct business and build up your step count!

I generally consider myself a fit person, but when I actually have to track my exercise, it really helps motivate me. During a normal week without tracking, I might say I want to exercise 5 days that week, but only end up doing 3 because of various life obligations and excuses. When I have to set a goal about exercising for a certain amount of time or days per week, I actually have to meet that goal, and I end up doing it! Winning the FitBit was a game-changer for me. Not only am I motivated every day to meet and exceed my 10,000 step goal, but I have also set a goal on there to exercise 5 days a week. When I work out, I record it, and towards the end of the week I know if I am going to hit my goal. Although I was fit before, now I can say with confidence how many miles I walk per day and what my exercise habits are. It's encouraging to have that data and proof!

Shoshana Blank, Education & Outreach Program Administrator


Walking Meeting

A walking meeting is a great way to get your steps and conduct business!



I had so much fun with my colleagues during the Move More Fitness Challenge. Participating in the challenge as a team was more than just a great way to stay active, it was also a good way for us to work toward a common goal outside of our everyday responsibilities at Tufts. One day, Tina and Shoshana even had a walking meeting to make sure they met their step goals. We all won FitBits at the end of the challenge, and now we love to motivate and challenge each other through the FitBit app. I really like seeing the steps increase throughout the day when I’m using the app. It motivates me to go for a walk or get up and move around on days when my step count is low.

Lauren Martin, Communications Specialist

Whether you join in the Jumbo Steps Challenge or not, why not challenge yourself to find ways to stay healthy and check out the wellness programs available to you at Tufts!