Obtaining a Travel Authorization Number

A Travel Authorization Number (T-Number) is required for those employees where a local rule applies and for all non-employee travel. It is needed for all travel involving an overnight stay or the purchase of an air, rail, or bus ticket.

For employees, the preferred method of obtaining the T-Number is through the Apptricity system, however, if you/your area has not yet been trained in e-Expense, the paper process explained below will continue to provide the numbers. Travel requests for all non-employees must use the existing paper process as well.


The traveler must complete a Travel Authorization, Travel Advance and Expense Report form outlining the purpose of the trip and estimating the total costs. The form must be signed by the traveler and their supervisor or designee who must be someone with fiscal or budgetary responsibility. The completed and approved form must be sent to Accounts Payable and a T-Number will be issued. Please send the form to: 

TSS FAX: 617-627-7001 or tss@tufts.edu

In emergencies where a T-Number is needed on short notice, the completed and approved form can be faxed at the numbers listed above. The issuance of a T-Number will allow the traveler to make arrangements through the university’s authorized corporate travel agencies and the university will be billed directly. Upon completion of the trip, the individual will be required to complete and submit a Travel Report.