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Open Enrollment Tips & Tricks

The annual Open Enrollment is the period each year when you can make changes to the Annually-Selected Benefits that you are eligible for through Tufts University.  

The Open Enrollment period is typically held during the first two weeks in November, and changes made during this time will be effective the following January 1.

It's Open Enrollment again - click the button above for the most common challenges with our tips and tricks on how to navigate these! 

Tips include:


New Hires & Life Events

Whether you're new to Tufts or have just had a life event, you may have the unique opportunity of completing TWO benefits elections in short succession. 

Your New Hire/Life Event will be effective on your hire date/life event effective date through the end of the calendar year. Then you will complete your Open Enrollment event, during which you elect your benefits for the following year. 

Upon completion of your New Hire/Life Event in eServe, please contact so we may assist in making your Open Enrollment Benefits Event available to you. 

"Timeline showing coverage of new hire benefit elections versus Open Enrollment elections"

Completing your Open Enrollment Benefits Election 

By now, you've completed your New Hire Benefits Election and are prepared to complete Open Enrollment. While you may not need to complete Open Enrollment, you will need to make elections if you want to enroll in FSA(s) or many any other changes for 2023.  All 2022 elections (health, dental, vision, life, long-term disability, Health Savings Account, and voluntary benefits) carry over into 2023 unless you make a change - the exception is Flexible Spending Accounts, which must be re-elected every year. And we will always encourage you to take the opportunity to review your elections for the year and print/save your confirmation statement!

To complete your 2023 Open Enrollment Elections, do the following:

  • Go to eServe
  • Click on the “Open Enrollment” Tile 
  • Click “Select” to begin the process to make your 2023 health plan election and any other plan changes you need to make.
  • For each plan you'd like to add, modify or waive, click the respective "Edit" button and "Store" each selection.
  • Click “Store” to store your elections
  • Click  “I  Agree” for the Salary Reduction Agreement
  • Click  “Click here to View your Open Enrollment 2023  Elections
  • View your Confirmation Statement (this can be found in the “Confirmation Statement” tile on your eServe Employee home page) for accuracy and then click "Print and keep a copy" for your records. (you can print to a PDF electronically or as a paper copy).
  • If your Confirm Statement is accurate, you are done.  If not, and you need help, contact TSS.
  • You may return and make modifications as often as you'd like throughout the Open Enrollment period.