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Paying for Travel

Employee business travel at Tufts should be paid for using the Tufts Travel Card. In some circumstances (including student and non-employee travel), a travel authorization and approval of any travel expenses is required in advance. 

Tufts Travel Card

You can apply online for a Travel Card along with access to Apptricity, the expense reporting, and reconciliation system.

After traveling, you can use Apptricity to report expenses paid for with a Travel Card and to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have a Travel Card, but need access to Apptricity to reconcile out-of-pocket expenses (such as mileage reimbursement), please complete the application form and return it to TSS.

Please note that Procurement Cards should not be used to pay for travel expenses and you should always check with your department administrator before traveling to discuss allowable expenses and per diem rates (if applicable).

Travel Authorizations

Some types of travel and travel-related expenses, including student and non-employee travel, require you to complete an authorization form before you travel. Completing the form will provide you with a travel authorization number and can be used to request an advance for estimated expenses incurred while traveling. 

Tufts Travel Card
Apply online for a Tufts Travel Card to pay for business expenses while traveling.