Performance Planning and Review

The best performance and career planning comes from regular communication between you and your staff about their goals and performance. Performance planning and goal setting typically start at the beginning of the fiscal year, with ongoing development conversations and check-ins throughout the year. The standard performance cycle closes by mid-May with a written performance review and performance conversation. The review should reflect the past year's accomplishments and development areas and set the stage with goals for the year ahead. Merit recommendations, typically due in May, should reflect the performance review and rating that you write.

Employee Performance Summaries

To help your staff think constructively about their performance over the past year, send them either one of these employee performance summaries.

    Option 1: Open-ended questions that encourage reflection.

    Option 2: Follows the format of the online performance review system.

    SMART Goal Worksheet

    Use the SMART Goal Worksheet (PDF) as a tool to help ensure your staff's performance goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

    Feedback Planner

    The Feedback Planner (Word) is a tool to help managers organize their feedback around concrete behaviors and situations that worked well or might have worked better. Once you have completed it, you can use the insights to write the performance review or conduct a feedback conversation with the individual.

    Online Performance Review Tip Sheets

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