Personal Data Change

Tufts Student Employee address changes (local and permanent) can be done through SIS.  To make a change in person, please visit the Student Services Desk in Dowling to update your account.  Students can also email a request to  SIS feeds the PeopleSoft system so all address changes that are made in SIS will carryover to PeopleSoft on a nightly basis. However, this has recently been an issue, so the best practice is to update both SIS and eServe at the same time!

All other Employees of Tufts University can use Employee Self Service (eServe) to change their personal data, including Address, online unless the change is a legal name change, which must be done by contacting TSS.  Read the specific name change article for information pertaining to name changes. Here is a path to the other Personal Information that can be updated through eServe, including Education, Appointments, Veteran Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Additional Names:

Names, Address, DOB, etc. changes for Active Employees go over to most Benefits Vendors on the Benefits File feed so must be updated in eServe first. See more information in Benefits Feeds.
These changes for Fidelity, and TIAA, as well as changes for Inactive Employees must be made directly with the Vendors.  Prudential does not receive a Personal Data feed from Tufts University (other than the feed for Evidence of Insurability (EOI)) and does not keep record of individual employee names and addresses so there is no need to update with them (just make sure PeopleSoft is correct). 
Business address changes require a Change PAF.  Business email address information is fed to the HR system from the Tufts University White Pages on a daily basis.  To change your business email address, or for problems accessing Employee Self Service, please contact TTS:
For problems with your data in Employee Self Service, including personal email, please contact Tufts Support Services:
Phone: 617.627.7000
Fax: 617.627.7001