Personal Data Change (Legal Name)

Faculty & Staff:  For all legal name changes, please use this form and submit to TSS:
Name Change Form

After the form is processed through TSS, the name change will feed over to most Benefits vendors (such as Delta and Tufts Health Plan), but not TIAA, Fidelity, or Prudential (nor will it feed for Inactive employees such as Retirees).  Please report the name change (or address change) to vendors directly in those instances. However, note Prudential does not receive a feed from Tufts University, and does not keep record of individual employee names and addresses so there is no need to update with them (just make sure PeopleSoft is correct).

Dependents: The names of Dependents can be changed in eServe. Go to "Dependents & Beneficiaries"-"Dependent & Beneficiary Information" and click on the Name, then Edit.
Students:  To update SIS use the Student Name Change Form - then send to Joan Puglia, Manager of Program Support at Student Services, Dowling Hall.  For legal name changes in eServe, you must also submit the Name Change Form to TSS.

Please continue to use eServe for all address changes, unless it is a foreign address (which is managed by TSS) or SIS if for a student.  A student may also submit an email to or visit the Student Services desk in Dowling.  See Personal Data Change article for changes other than name. 

“Note for New Hires- Make sure you have completed your New Hire steps, including I-9 verification. Before requesting a Name Change. If you change your login information (User Name) after hire but prior to completing New Hire steps, you will need to start the New Hire process over again.
*In order to process a Legal name change, you MUST provide a copy of your social security card, otherwise no change will be made.