Personnel Records

Tufts University respects the privacy of its employees and strives to keep employee files confidential. The Human Resources Department maintains a personnel file for each employee. 

In order to receive a copy of your personnel file you must complete a Request for Personnel Record  and submit to Tufts Support Services (Not HR). 
*Note:  if you are only interested in obtaining your Performance Reviews from FY13 and forward, you may obtain those by logging into eServe.  For Performance Reviews prior to 2012 please complete and submit a Request for Personnel Record

Note: Performance Reviews prior to 2012 are maintained in the department. Records such as offer letters are retained in the department, or dean's office.  

Changes to your personal information, benefits, and payroll deductions can be made online through Employee Self Service.
It is your responsibility to notify Tufts Support Services of when any change occurs in your personal status or of a qualifying event in your family that could impact your benefits. (Employee Handbook)
Please contact Tufts Support Services for more information on how to review or update your personnel file. 

SMFA- All requests for HR information prior to 7/1/16 should be directed to the MFA HR Dept, Bill Sweeney: 617-369-3623.