Purchasing Office Contacts

The Purchasing Office provides product and supplier information, pricing, competitive bidding and contract negotiation services for the procurement of goods and services required by the University from external suppliers.  

Main Purchasing Office
Tufts Administration Building
169 Holland Street, 3rd Floor
Somerville, MA 02144
Operations Purchasing Office
Facilities Services Building
520 Boston Avenue, 1st Floor
Medford, MA 02144


Name Email Phone
John Homich, Senior Director john.homich@tufts.edu 617-627-6333
Bill Thistle, Director, Operations william.thistle@tufts.edu 617-627-5660


Name Email Phone
Luke Duffney luke.duffney@tufts.edu 617-627-4555
Ed Fanikos edward.fanikos@tufts.edu 617-627-2008
Shane Griffin shane.griffin@tufts.edu 617-627-0596
Robert Little robert.little@tufts.edu 617-627-3263
Edward Lothrop edward.lothrop@tufts.edu 617-627-5230
Michelle Rooney michelle.rooney@tufts.edu 617-627-3140
Gary Smyrlian gary.smyrlian@tufts.edu 617-627-3596
Kelly Sullivan kelly.sullivan@tufts.edu 617-627-5136
Peter Van Tilborg peter.vantilborg@tufts.edu 617-627-5439
Paul Wagner paul.wagner@tufts.edu 617-627-3716

Not sure who to contact for your specific requirements?  Feel free to send an email to purchasing@tufts.edu and we will triage your need in a timely fashion.