Purchasing Technology

Partner with Tufts Technology Services and Tufts Purchasing if you’re thinking about a significant technology purchase for your business unit, department, or school. Our teams provide technical and financial expertise to help minimize costs and risks while maximizing the value of your purchase. 

 Working with us is vital for purchases that involve 
• Implementing or upgrading entirely new systems or services 
• Integration with other Tufts systems 
• Collection, transmission, or storage of sensitive data

How does the purchasing process work?

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible so we can assist you throughout the process. Our skill in drafting technical requirements and RFPs, reviewing submitted bids, and negotiating contracts and prices with vendors can save your department time and money.

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Define detailed requirements 

The TTS Planning & Design team will work with you to create detailed technical requirements for your purchase.

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Find a solution 

Discover if a currently available solution at Tufts will meet your needs. If a new purchase is necessary, determine the potential solutions, staff resources, timeline, and cost for purchasing and implementation.

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Get competitive bids 

We can help you draft an RFP, identify suitable vendors, and review submitted bids. 

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Technology Review 

Our review process will ensure that your solution meets security, accessibility, infrastructure, and policy requirements. Learn more about the Technology Review process.  

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Negotiate a contract 

Our knowledge of the products and vendors in a rapidly-shifting marketplace will help you make a well-informed decision and get the best available terms and pricing. 

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Implement the solution 

We will work with you to ensure that the chosen solution is configured and installed correctly. 

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Maintenance plan 

We will help you develop a long-term support and maintenance plan for your chosen solution. 

Planning a smaller purchase? 

If you’re planning to buy common technology products for use at Tufts—such as desktop and laptop computers—you can make most purchases directly through Tufts Marketplace or by using your PCard at stores or online. 

Purchasing a desktop or laptop computer 

Faculty and Staff: Tufts Technology Services provides consultations and recommendations on new computer purchasing, as well as discounts on mobile plans. 

Students: Get computer purchasing recommendations and access discounts on computers and mobile devices. 

Purchasing software 

Tufts provides many popular applications to our community for free or at a discount. If you can’t find the software you’re looking for, contact Tufts Technology Services for assistance. 

Start a Technology Purchase
Receive expert support throughout the planning and purchasing process.