What's New in Access Tufts

New Carousel for Did You Know and Release 1.3 targeted for September 2018


Release 1.3 coming soon

AccessTufts continues to use an iterative process to receive and incorporate feedback from the community to enhance and expand the site.

Apps and Software Section Live!


Since the launch of AccessTufts in December, we continue to collect feedback and plan for future releases. Using an iterative process, the AccessTufts team has worked with areas in the community to enhance the site by adding all the HR content in April and more recently expanding the Did You Know section to a carousel and building a new Apps and Software tool within AccessTufts.

HR Content Added to AccessTufts


For a number of months, the AccessTufts service team has been working closely with Tufts Human Resources department to transform their HR website and transition a majority of the HR content into AccessTufts.

Effective April 18, over 100 pages of HR content reside in Access under the Get Work Done tab including:

Recent Enhancements and Updates


In December 2016, AccessTufts went live. Since that time, the community has made a number of requests and provided a lot of great feedback to help us evolve the site based on your needs.

New content and features in AccessTufts include: