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Apps and Software Section Live!

Published: October 17, 2017
software and apps

Since the launch of AccessTufts in December, we continue to collect feedback and plan for future releases. Using an iterative process, the AccessTufts team has worked with areas in the community to enhance the site by adding all the HR content in April and more recently expanding the Did You Know section to a carousel and building a new Apps and Software tool within AccessTufts.

On October 17, a new robust Apps and Software tool was launched This tool brings together over 60 products in one section of AccessTufts and provides improved search functionality, filtering and easy browsing of products. Learn more about Apps and Software section.

What's Next?

  • On October 23, in collaboration with Tufts Human Resources, we will release a brand new enhanced section for Tufts HR Open Enrollment content.
  • For the next major release, we are partnering with Finance and TTS to look at their web content and how we might bring that in to AccessTufts; as well as making other enhancements.