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New Carousel for Did You Know and Release 1.3 targeted for September 2018

Published: April 2, 2018
Did you know
Release 1.3 coming soon

AccessTufts continues to use an iterative process to receive and incorporate feedback from the community to enhance and expand the site.

Check out the improved Did You Know carousel providing up to 5 different updates at a time about anything from discounts available to staff to HR benefits information and more. And if you missed it, check out the robust Apps and Software tool which brings together over 60 products in one section of AccessTufts and provides improved search functionality, filtering and easy browsing of products. Learn more about Apps and Software section. We continue to test and enhance this section and recently received input from Tufts Students that will help shape the future of the tool.

We also ran a "What do you want from AccessTufts?" campaign to enable the community to provide feedback and input that will help to shape the AccessTufts strategic roadmap.

What's Next?

Currently the team is working on the next major release of AccessTufts - 1.3 - which is targeted to go live in mid-September. This release will include:

  • More of the technology content from it.tufts.edu
  • Financial transaction content
  • A new restructured information architecture (IA) to enable streamlined navigation to accommodate the expansion of content